We offer a range of options for wrapping cars and work vehicles.


Magnetic Signs

Removable magnetic signs are an affordable option in cases where more permanent and impactful signage isn’t feasible. Colorcorp can digitally print your business graphics on high quality films applied to a flexible magnetic base layer. Magnetic vehicle signs require regular cleaning and maintenance to preserve image quality and the integrity of the magnetic bond

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Vinyl lettering and spot graphics

Precision cut vinyl lettering and digitally printed decals are ideal for simple graphics and essential information like business name and contact details. Fleetbrand uses high quality vinyl available in a wide variety of colours in conjunction with spot graphics. While lacking the versatility and impact of a vehicle wrap, this solution can still be an effective communication tool for many types of businesses

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Perforated window film

The use of perforated window film is a key component in full or partial vehicle wraps as it allows graphics to be extended over windows. Graphics are applied to perforated vinyl which allows the driver to see out but anyone looking in only sees the graphics. All perforated window film products offered by Fleetbrand conform to national safety standards for the amount of visibility required to operate vehicles safely


Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wraps are the high impact option for brands that truly want to stand out. Full or partial wraps are available. Partial wraps can consist of a mix of precision cut colored vinyl paired with digitally printed vinyl, or printed vinyl applied to some sections of the vehicle. Full wraps use digitally printed vinyl, including perforated window film, to wrap the entire vehicle. As it is a fully customised digital print there is virtually no limit to what can be accomplished.