As a testament to Colorcorp’s unwavering commitment to integrity, we have implemented comprehensive compliance policies and procedures to safeguard against any form of unlawful activity. 

Colorcorp have a strong track record of delivering excellence and earning trust, we are well-equipped to meet the unique needs and rigorous requirements of high level projects. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and compliance positions us as a trusted and dependable choice for government agencies seeking reliable partners. 

To learn more about our regulatory Compliance Policies and Statements, please contact us.


“ISO & compliance are not just

boxes to check, but rather the

foundation of a culture of


Amit Jindal, General Manager of Colorcorp

Our Policies

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance Policy

Diversity Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Environmental Policy

Sustainable Procurement Policy

Code of Conduct

Employee Wellbeing Policy

Security Policy

Domestic and Family Violence Policy

Indigenous Support Policy

Quality Standards & Certifications

We operate in compliance with internationally recognised systems of accreditation that ensures a quality service, that is also consistent.

Our standards are of paramount importance and we routinely audit our operations against the most rigorous external benchmarks.

Government enquiries


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