What are wall graphics?

They are used to create mood and texture, to promote brands or to increase the usability of spaces.

Colorcorp has a wide range of wall graphics solutions including decals, vinyl lettering and full wall graphics or murals.

wall graphics
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Wall Decals

Decals are a cost effective way to animate indoor spaces. Colorcorp can produce decals in any number, size and cut into just about any shape. They are digitally printed on vinyl and can be applied to virtually any surface.

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Vinyl Lettering

Versatile and affordable, vinyl lettering allows you to easily refresh your branding while keeping costs down. 

Colorcorp produces vinyl lettering in gloss, matte, clear and frosted vinyl options, with permanent and non-permanent features also available.

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Wallpapers and murals

Custom wallpapers and murals are ideal for making a big design statement. Strictly speaking our wallpaper isn’t paper at all but high quality vinyl. It can provide the coverage and ambience associated with wallpaper but is much more robust and easy to maintain. Colorcorp can also produce vinyl murals using your original photography or stock images. Matte, gloss and textured finishes are available.